What Makes You Remarkable?

by seanlow on May 17, 2017

What makes you remarkable? So personal. Like asking, who are you really? Why do you matter? Why should I care? Do I believe you? Do you believe you?

We all spend our time pondering these questions. At least we should.  We are meant to live remarkable lives. To live with purpose and drive; to bring ourselves to the party. It makes no difference what “it” is so long as it is ours.  Everybody’s quest is for our own meaning.

Now move to your art and your creative business. Why are your answers any less meaningful, any less profound, any less introspective? What makes your art remarkable? Your creative business? Are you remarkable because you care? Because you provide great customer service? THAT is what makes you remarkable? Are you sure because I am not.  You have to be able to say that you are the best in the world (your world) at what you do.  If not, why not? Just because others practice your art does not make them remarkable or not relative to you.  Remarkable is not a relative question. Remarkable is a fingerprint – it belongs to your art and your creative business alone.  Of course, this means you and only you can answer the question as to what makes your art and your creative business remarkable.

Many of you read the above and think I am pushing platitudes and idealisms. After all, no creative business is truly remarkable in its own right. Too many competitors and choice for any one business to be remarkable. Remarkable as not being relative is an illusion.  And so it goes to say that you are only part of a category. Maybe the category is remarkable but your art and creative business are remarkable mostly for being in the category, not the other way around. To which I say, work harder, dig deeper, find the essence of what you believe your art and your creative business to be.

Arrogance is refusing to accept the grace of humility and to live only in expectation and entitlement. Do not be arrogant, but do not mistake arrogance for conviction. Your art and your creative business exist to be remarkable. Think for a second what it would mean to live in that skin. It would mean no apology for what you know to be true, the wisdom of your gifts and the power of your vision. Your clients can only appreciate the wisdom and vision, embrace their power and accept them. Your clients cannot, however, fully understand your wisdom or the depth of your vision, so do not expect them to. No fish will ever treasure the fresh air. Instead, be remarkable as your clients have every right to expect you, your art and your creative business to be.

These days are the beginnings (or the middle) of the busy moments for your creative business. Spring has sprung. As life blooms again, so does the desire to find joy. Make no mistake that is why your creative business exists – to help your clients find joy. And to help clients find the joy they seek from your art and your creative business, your art and your creative business have to be remarkable. More to the point, you have to KNOW why your art is remarkable so that knowledge can find its way into every moment your creative business spends with your clients.

Every day is an opportunity to learn, an opportunity to see cause and effect. When you bring all that makes your art and your creative business remarkable to the surface, see where that takes your relationship. My guess – it will make you resilient, determined and confident in your and your creative business’ ability to deliver joy. So go ahead, ask the question out loud: what makes your art and your creative business remarkable? Now live there and nowhere else.

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